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Contortion Technique

Learn the foundations of contortion and increase your upper back flexibility in this unique taster session. In this session, Hannah will be teaching her specialized “three parts of the back” technique as well as her “cobra magic” technique. These specialized techniques take the foundational elements of contortion and teach them in a digestible way. The progress in people just from utilizing these techniques in their training has been incredible. These techniques have been developed to help people learn how to properly and effectively open their upper backs. The ability to open the upper back massively contributes to having maximum flexibility in positions as well as maintaining a healthy spine, getting rid of the common bad habit of only bending from the lower back while bending.

Hannah has been doing contortion for 13 years and has taught at over 30 circus and pole studios all over the world. She has a strong knowledge of the anatomical body and how contortion can be used correctly with precise technique and alignment to strengthen and increase flexibility. What she aims to do with her contortion workshops is break things down for students no matter what level they are at, from beginner to professional contortionist. Hannah aims to help students get a better understanding of the art of contortion and their bodies. She does this by helping them access the flexibility they didn’t know that they had and then working to increase that flexibility utilizing correct contortion technique and alignment.