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Evoking Emotion In Audiences Through Performative Movement: the secrets to creating psychologically affective and gripping routines

The goal of this seminar is to get you to start devising routines which will evoke emotion in your audiences. In this seminar you will learn how to create routines utilizing your emotion, story or theme as a base to devise movement. This seminar utilizes specific studies and exercises taken from Dance Therapy, Neuroscience, Jungian Psychology and Methods from Stanislavski and Chekhov, to get you creating affective and gripping routines. In addition to giving you ways to devise emotive work on your own, this seminar will go through the why’s, whats, and hows of creating emotive work. We will go over what makes emotive routines so fascinating and how utilizing specific studies works, to effectively pull an audience into your world through movement. No matter what emotion or story you are trying to show in your routines, this seminar promises to give you the tools you need to convey it in a touching and impactful way.

Hannah Finn owns the first circus company in the world to utilize specific studies to elicit and inspire audiences to feel emotion during her shows. Hannah’s most recent show EvoL utilized circus, dance and theatre to touch audiences and tell a story through the body. After her recent success from EvoL, Hannah decided to share some of her techniques and exercises with PWF. Hannah has a BA in Creating and Producing Emotive Works of Contemporary Circus and Theatre from the University of Redlands in Southern California.