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Stripper Secrets for the Pole Dance Stage

Former Stripper, Authentics Pole Dance Champion, Published Academic and Stripper Style judge Toni ‘Misty’ Mansell, draws together her genre-spanning expertise to bring this humorous and easily digestible seminar that breaks down modesty culture in a phallic-centric world, elevates and celebrates a dance style society has told us ‘good girls don’t do’, and relishes in preaching the release of your inner hoe stylings. This seminar focuses on the unabashed power in your provocativeness, and dismantling the distortion of dichotomies that only serve to create dissension within us.

We will discuss secrets of the strip club, and how to utilise that experience and expertise to create an authentic understanding of stripper style ingredients, and the recipe for a stand out Stripper Style Pole routine, helping you to take perfect possession of your Pleasers. Expect lashings of self love and sensual expression, a fair amount of profanity, masses of hypnotic vagina magic and a healthy sprinkling of heel-banging, patriarchy smashing, soul healing Intersectional feminist dialogue as standard.