Pole at the Proms

Pole at the Proms

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The winners will be announced at Pole at the Proms, the evening awards presentation and performances from the stars.

Instructor of the year

Nikki May – Vixystrawberry

Nikki’s dedication and support for her students is like no other, helping individuals with their self-confidence and continuously showing her students how much she cares and wants them to succeed.

Danielle Law – The Pole Station

Danielle is brilliant with her students – encouraging them and pushing them but only to a limit she knows they can handle. She teaches safely and inspires her students. She is ‘sweet and kind, yet firm and assertive’.

Lesley Jackson – Poleguns

Lesley’s passion for pole fitness is ‘infectious’. The culmination of her experience makes her a great teacher and she is now passing on her knowledge and experience to her students. She is constantly training and finding new qualifications to improve her teaching. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t provide support or guidance to her students and the industry. She is known for providing a safe environment for her students to train and actively promotes body confidence.

Vania Noble – Pole Effect

Vania creates a safe environment for anyone from any background. She is always trying to better herself and inspires her students to be as awesome as she is. She never gives up on her students and will always listen to their needs.

Andi – Active Cherry

Andi is supportive, empowers her students and promotes safety first. She is always looking to make her studio a happy and safe place for her students. Her teaching style always makes her students feel like they’re achieving great things.

Lorna Walker – Pole Athlete

Lorna’s knowledge of teaching is outstanding and she shares her knowledge in a digestable way with her students. She is always looking to improve her teaching and provides a pleasurable and warm environment to learn in. She promotes and practices safe learning and teaching within the studio and also around the world.

Lucy Cropper – Lucy Pole Fitness

Lucy never gives up on her students and knows when to push them but only to their limit. She is an inspiration to her students and a ‘truly unique person’ according to her students.

Lisa Byrne – Pole Image

Lisa not only provides her students with ‘excellent professional fitness classes’ but she is constantly working on ideas to make classes feel relaxed, interesting and fun, whilst still motivating. Lisa is a great support to all of her students, whether they are advanced or struggling and will never let them give up. Lisa has come out of her own struggles, and her determination to achieve her goals and her ‘kick ass’ attitude, cannot help but filter down to her students.

RosaLisa – Apsara Dance

RosaLisa’s smile is contagious and she is always encouraging her students to be confident and believe in their ability. She also worked incredibly hard to raise thousands of pounds for charity by hosting her own pole show.

Donna Treadgold – 1st Class Pole Fitness

Donna has a great positive attitude to pole. She lives and breathes 1st Class Pole fitness and is constantly there for her students creating a safe space in her studio. She is a true inspiration to her students and strives to give her students the confidence and belief in themselves. Donna has an extensive amount of experience and uses it to create fun and challenging classes. Donna will always go out of her way to help every single student and inspires everyone to work their hardest. She is professional, considers safety first and manages to inspire all her students no matter what stage they are at.

Leah Rose Clarke – Chrome Roses

Leah continues to inspire and make her students feel comfortable in her studio. She breaks things down when teaching and is enthusiastic and motivational. She creates a challenging but safe environment for her students.

Nia Pearce – I would rather be pole dancing

Nia is patient, inspiring and fun as a teacher. She works tirelessly to improve the school and is always there when her students need her, for pole, or for general life. She is encouraging and always makes her students feel everything is only a little bit of work away.

Helen Walker – Pole Attack

Helen works so hard for all of her students and nothing is ever too much trouble for her. She just wants to see her students improve and most importantly make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. She has created a family with Pole Attack and that is all down to her being so down to earth and willing. She’s constantly improving her students and her teaching style by updating their levels and going on workshops to learn new moves. She offers a wide variety of things for her students to get involved in- doubles workshops, flow workshops, routine workshops and stretch classes. She is an inspiration to her students juggling running a studio and being a mum.

Lisa Hammond – Pole Athletes

Lisa’s love for pole is shown through her dedication to her job and the enthusiasm she puts into her teaching. Lisa’s positive and supportive attitude encourages her students as they learn and she reminds them that “there’s no such thing as can’t”! She is a beautiful performer and a pleasure to be around!

Emma Coffey – The Studio

Emma is kind, patient, caring, a friend to everyone, and shows an amazing level of understanding of her students, many of whom start pole with weight or self-confidence issues. Emma is truly one of life’s enablers; she helps people turn their lives and their attitudes to themselves around. Emma makes her students believe she has total confidence in them and whatever they are doing, no matter what it is, she has an instinctive knowledge of people and never asks anyone to try anything she doesn’t believe they can do. Emma promotes safety as a priority and always ensures that there are spotters. As they get more experienced, she shows her students how to spot each other safely too. Emma is a true inspiration, when not teaching or competing, she devotes herself tirelessly to raising money for charity. Emma is a positive ambassador for the industry.

Kassia Portas – Spin City

Kassia is such a natural teacher. Her classes are always challenging as well as being exciting and fun – the fact that every one of her classes has a waiting list speaks for itself. Kassia is always training to better herself as a teacher and even takes the time to take requests for moves so that she can research and learn them safely herself first before attempting to teach them. She is patient and attentive with all of her students and everyone feels extra safe when Kass is there to spot you in a flip or any other scary move. She provides the confidence to do things students didn’t think were possible.

Claire Cotterill – Body Image

Not only is she an amazing instructor and performer but also a great friend. Claire works extremely hard to show all her students that they can achieve anything that they put their minds to. Claire is such an inspiration working so hard teaching, building her brand new studio and still finding time to train for upcoming competitions. Claire has created a warm kind of environment where all students work together to build each other’s confidence.

Hannah Nicholls – Pink Kitten

Her classes are always full of fun and laughter and she is always making sure her students train safe. She teaches her students to spot properly and how to engage the right muscles so they don’t injure themselves. Above all she is very welcoming of all personalities, body types and whatever style her students like to dance. She goes above and beyond for all her students, even organising photoshoots every few months so they can show off the new moves they have been working on.

Annie Norris – Pure Studios

Annie always makes her students feel comfortable and inspired. She helps people of all ages and abilities achieve their goals and tailors her teaching to them. She is very concerned about their safety and makes her students feel one of the family. She brings in teaching from everywhere she goes; whether it is from a trip, a competition or a course. She aims to offer variety and there are always different disciplines to learn. She is kind and fun to train with and her students always look forward to their lessons.

Sisi Zheng – Northern Pole Dance

Sisi is welcoming to everyone the moment they walk in the studio. She encourages everyone to push their limits in a safe and secure way and brings out the best in her students. She has amazing energy and a huge smile on her face at all times. Recently she has gained her aerial yoga qualification so that she can teach other classes at the studio and use aerial yoga to help pole students with things like balance, flexibility and strength. Furthermore, she also gives up her spare time to teach a group of students from a local university including helping to choreograph routines for showcases and competitions. She runs focused classes and workshops on aspects of pole such as flexibility and helps to run auditions – so much so that when it comes to show day she knows everyone’s routine by heart! No matter what she is doing she gives 110% and always makes sure you leave the studio with a smile as big as hers.


Most dedicated student

Robert Johansen

He is religiously at every pole class and loves to help and support people. Such a lovely kind man and a very talented pole dancer.

Nicola Hetherington

She has been a student since July 2012 and regularly attends workshops – as many as she can possibly get to. She is constantly researching and books privates with pole professionals she believes will help with her development and goals. She lives, eats and breathes pole and it quite literally has transformed her life in so many ways. Her instructor says ‘the once shy and quiet young woman has now transformed into a confident, determined poler and she is focused on being the best she can be’. She is totally committed and dedicated to pole. Her passion and love has even passed onto her husband who now attends pole and they both train and compete together. Their daughter phoebe comes to watch them train and the whole family unit is adorable. She is the perfect advocate for not just the studio she attends but the entire pole industry.

Emma-Louise Swabey

Emma attends a minimum of 2 classes a week and always goes above and beyond to help not only with set up and take down, but also in her day job as a hair dresser telling everyone about how pole has changed her life. This year she also entered her first competition, and placed second at the English Riviera Pole Competition. Her instructor says ‘it’s been such a pleasure to watch her grow into herself, to see her accept and learn to love her beautiful body, and to see how she inspires others to do the same’. She is now training at her studio to become an instructor too. She recently took part in a Millie Robson photoshoot, a true mark of how far she’s come, which she wouldn’t have dreamed of doing when she joined two years ago. She is supportive and inspiring and the studio she attends ‘would not be what it is today without her’.

Liz Puffer

Liz is a dedicated student who lights up any class she is attending. She continues to persist in every endeavour and is competing already with great enthusiasm!

Tink Hamlet

She is totally committed and dedicated to her studio and is always willing to go above and beyond. She has great skill on the pole and always supportive of others.

Linda Barksby

She is totally committed to her studio and classes. She came to pole later in life, and has worked so hard. She is a beautiful dancer and person, and is always striving to improve and help others.

Claire Batchelor

Claire is a very dedicated student. She is forever posting videos of her practice sessions where she really pushes herself to perfect the moves she’s learnt in class and putting them into long, strength building combos. She has also become very accomplished at aerial silks over the last couple of years and is always looking to nail the next move and share it with her pole and aerial family on Facebook or Instagram. She’s great fun to share a pole with in class and is the first to congratulate you when you nail a new move as well as being a trusted spotter.

Maggie Stewart

Not only is she dedicated to a number of pole studios, she also helps run classes when instructors aren’t available. She’s so inspiring and a brilliant pole dancer. She will help anyone in class achieve their goals and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Georgia Morgan

Georgia never stops smiling or supporting others in their pole journey and is dedicated to her studio.

Megan Golding & Naomi Copping

They have been going to Spin City in Bristol since before 2010 and they’re two of the most dedicated students! They’re a pleasure to have in class for both the instructor and other students; always encouraging each other and everyone around them. They are two of the people who make their instructors love teaching.

Therese Moen Heimdahl

Despite personal difficulties, she always finds time to attend all classes and workshops. She is very supportive of her studio and always wears her studio t-shirt in support. Twice a week she is put in charge of the studio, so other students can come and practice, which she does for free. Nothing stops her from helping all the students at the studio and she is an amazing pole friend!

Most influential individual

Lesley Jackson

Lesley really motivates her students to push themselves but also to support each other and train safely. She knows people’s capabilities and strengths and weaknesses, and continuously motivates and supports her students.  She is dedicated to helping people achieve and believe in their capabilities in a safe environment and also runs youth classes for ages 8-11.

Josh Taylor

His instructor training course has revolutionised how many people move and the way they teach others. They feel stronger with his techniques and can more effectively protect their body from injuries which will help them teach longer and in turn will help others move more safely and efficiently. His dedication to making the people in the industry better, and more creative polers, is wonderful.

Donna Treadgold

She shows amazing support and dedication to her students and instructors to improve themselves to be the best they can possibly be. She is a true advocate and example of best practice in the industry.

Lorna Walker

Her approach is inclusive, accepting and non judgemental. She encourages her students’ journey through consistent improvement, enjoyment and enabling them to discover their own goals. She encourages and supports her students to compete, helping with every detail of their routines and giving up her free time to be there on the day to support them.

Claire Cotterill

Claire is a patient and caring instructor. She always goes above and beyond in her instructor role to give the most attention to detail.  This has given her students the confidence to go on to compete. She is supportive and inspiring, and competes and teaches despite various injuries. She goes out of her way to help her students with personal goals and is not just an instructor to her students, she is a friend.

Emma Coffey

Emma Coffey is dedicated to her students and inspires them to be the best they can be and beyond.  She is caring and patient, and helps her students at every step along their journey. She relates to her students about her personal life and how she got to where she is today.

Jess Leanne Norris

Jess is an inspiration to her students, ensuring that all her moves and performances are done to absolute perfection. She is constantly striving to improve herself and her abilities to ensure she is the best teacher she can be. She is extremely supportive and always pushes all her students to reach their absolute best in every class. She encourages and supports students who would never have had faith in themselves to perform in front of crowds at competitions.

Leah Rose

Her absolute dedication, support and positive mind set inspires all of her students to go the extra mile. The way she teaches and performs inspires her students to push themselves. She always ensures she gives her students individual praise and support.

Deidre Cairns

At 41 years of age with a family of 6 children, she runs her studio with 3-4 classes a night over 5 out of the 7 nights in the week. Besides teaching and competing, she has run numerous charity events and performances throughout the years and is an inspiration to every one of her students, family members and none polers. She goes above and beyond to help everyone in and out of the studio.

Emma Collins

Emma is a positive advocate and inspiration to girls of all shapes and sizes, and tells her students if she can get up on stage not caring about what people think of her shape or size then anyone can.

Annie Norris

Annie’s teaching style is upbeat and exciting and she has great enthusiasm for talent. She is always right by her students side helping them. She does so much to support her students in her own time too. Annie is not only a teacher, she is a friend, and the best supporter when you need that push to nail a move.

Claire Andrews

Claire Andrews is just one of those people who always has the time. Not only does she teach lots of classes a week at Spin City but she is someone who always goes that extra mile to ensure that people are getting the most out of her classes and most importantly that they have fun in the process. She is always encouraging her students to do their best and frequently holds practice sessions for shows and competitions so that she can support and guide her students (and friends) through their routines. In fact there are a lot of people who probably wouldn’t have ever thought they could put a routine together and perform it in front of a crowd if it wasn’t for Claire’s encouragement and support. Claire is always looking to offer workshops and day events to suit her students needs – from pole silks (in which she’s gained official qualifications), boot camps, pole and acro intensive days and she has also hosted many famous names at Spin City organising all of this in her limited spare time. Claire dedicates so much of her time to Spin City and the family she has made there and is admired for her dedication and contribution.

Studio of the year

The Pole Station

It started above a tanning salon with 4 poles and now it has progressed to a bigger studio with 10+ poles, a stage, silks and aerial hoop. It is truly a pole family, and there is a Facebook group that her students are all members of. Everyone is so nice and the studio has such a good vibe. There is always workshops run by the studio owner, like minx (which includes burlesque, chair dance etc), stretch classes and pole workshops. There are so many opportunities. They also do events for students at Halloween and Christmas with a theme. It’s only been running for just under 2 years and it has progressed massively form a start up to a fantastic business!

Northern Pole Dance

This studio has put on a free creche for certain classes during the day to support mums getting back into fitness. It has amazing instructors and puts on a huge range of workshops. It is an inspiring and motivating place to be. The team have often had to overcome massive obstacles but always comes out on top!


Lesley’s studio is probably one of the newest studios in the U.K. Lesley goes above and beyond for the studio and constantly promotes her students. PoleGuns is also the first studio in the country to grade under 12 year olds to PDC level one, training the next generation of pole artists.

Active Cherry

This studio has ALL the aerial equipment you could ever ask for! It’s a loving studio full of people who cheer and support one another. The students always have the most fun here and feel comfortable. It’s full of laughter and achievement, and everyone walks away having accomplished a new goal. Andi always has new ideas and courses and of course equipment! There is every kind of aerial magic here among lots of other merchandise and circus fun!

Pole Image Studio

The studio hosts workshops with international dancers, offers weekend classes and is constantly upgrading equipment. Working unset hours each week can be tough but the studio allows their students to swap around classes to suit them.

1st Class Pole Fitness

The studio owners have worked hard to provide a well equipped 15 4.2 m pole studio for her students to train. They offer classes in aerial hoop, trapeze, silks, hammocks and stretch and flexibility. Their staff receive the highest level of training and they promote that safety is the most important when it comes to student safety as well as providing mats and harnesses for the extreme flips. It’s a relaxing environment where everyone is welcome and transformed into the best version of themselves. A home from home.

Pole Athletes

The studio is great space with safe teachers and a ‘proper’ syllabus. They are always asking for feedback and what the students would like at the studio. They celebrate the smallest achievement and are interested in every student and their goals. Lorna has worked so hard to update the studios/extend classes according to people’s needs. For example, she put on a new mums class to help new mums regain body confidence and spend time with like-minded people.

Chrome Roses Studio

The studio has an awesome vibe, great camaraderie and support. The studio is new which Leah Rose has designed to make the most of the space and promote a safe learning environment.

Pink Kitten

Pink Kitten always welcomes everyone and anyone. Whatever your style, body type, personality there is never any judgement.  The range of people you meet is wonderful and students have been able to meet many friends there. Everyone is always supporting each other to do their best in whatever they want to achieve. There are so many different classes to try, and also loads of extra events like showcases, goal photoshoots, etc. Her students always feel at ease at the studio and it is made a pole home.

Spin City Bristol

All of the instructors are constantly updating classes and what they offer, to give students as many opportunities as possible to learn new skills. The equipment is always maintained to a high standard. The studio recently moved so that it could offer a more flexible space to accommodate a number of different activities. The atmosphere at the studio is always really friendly and inclusive to all. Every instructor is dedicated to helping their students reach their potential and are always going above and beyond putting on special workshop classes, shows and frequent practices.

Pure Studios

They set up a new studio last year and most months introduce new classes. They regularly hold workshops with worldclass performers, organise outings to competitions and encourage students to enter competitions. They continually invest in safety, ensuring there are crash mats for all apparatus and they run supporting classes such as ballet, smoothment, stretch and conditioning. It is a second home not just a studio!

The Studio – Alford

The Studio Alford isn’t just a place to work out or do pole, it’s an extended family home. There is so much support and extra activities provided and events to get involved in. It’s a happy place for their students. Not only is there the pole lessons but they also do a lot of fundraising events for charities which builds a better knowledge of what the studio actually is and brings awareness to other people. The Studio is a fantastic venue with wonderful instructors. Emma (the owner) often hosts workshops in pole and flexibility by world renowned polers and instructors, which is a great thing for a studio in a small town.

360 Pole Dancing

The studio is beautiful, and a real safe haven, with more than enough room for a reverse grab without fear of collision! Students always leave the studio with a smile on their face because not only is it super fun, there is a really lovely, friendly and supportive environment. There are two 360 Pole Dancing Student shows per year held in the studio, which give students a chance to challenge themselves, catch the performing bug and to show friends and family what they’ve learnt – and any money made from the show goes back into buying new equipment for the studio. Every Christmas they have a party/pole jam at the studio where they dress up and play games (such as pole musical statues). There is a really lovely social aspect to the studio and many friendships have formed from classes, practice sessions or social events.

Business of the year

Creatures of XIX

Collection XIX is a completely original company where their lines are often exclusive to their website and you cannot order these products from elsewhere. Harriet and Melissa go above and beyond to ensure all of the best brands from across the globe can be widely available so you can get your hands on the best kit. Their Pussy Power hour inspires people by interviewing inspiring women to share with the community.

Revved Up

Revved Up constantly promotes equality and self love through their social media channels. They are such a lovely company run by an amazing lady who promotes pride in the industry!


Polehog offer fantastic custom-made polewear for men, women and children of all shapes and sizes! Kym and Ronnie go above and beyond for their customers and are always striving to offer amazing new fabrics and prints at amazing prices. Their customer service is second-to-none and they have a great rapport with their customers as well. They even have a Facebook group where the owners and customers can chat.

Pole Junkie

Pole Junkie brings all the best pole wear brands to the UK to make them accessible to the UK market. They support charity fundraisers, pole competitions and many other events. Their website is easy to navigate and constantly updated with new brands, and their service is fabulous.


Each item of clothing is individually handmade by one person and the industry love her prints. She’s constantly asking people exactly what they need and what’s missing in the marketplace to make sure that everyone gets exactly what they want and need.

Spin City

Spin City is dedicated to providing products and services that improve the pole industry. Their pole bibles are an asset to any inspiring pole dancer and they offer highly credited instructor courses to allow students to become instructors in the area that they love.


PoleSafe is dedicated to sharing knowledge and the importance of teaching safely in the industry to grow the industry in a safe and effective way.

Competition of the year

Yorkshire Pole Championships

The atmosphere at Yorkshire Pole Championships was the best for a small competition with some incredible competitors and Lisa, the organiser, is always on hand if needed. It is a fantastic and well run. It is a pleasure to be a part of for the competitors and always judged fairly.

Pole Theatre

Pole Theatre is the stage that allows people the freedom they need to perform their own type of pole and express themselves on a great stage. The competition is innovative and really gives entrants a chance to explore who they are and what they want to do in a totally safe, inclusive and welcoming environment.

UKPPC (UK Professional Pole Championships)

UKPPC is well organised and very professional in its approach and standards of competitors, judges and facilities. The standard of competitors is always very high and the stage being in the centre and elevated also gives everyone a great view of the performances. The event also provides so much with lots of vendor stalls for spectators to also enjoy.

Lincolnshire Pole Championships

Everyone is very supportive at this competition and competitors feel part of a friendly and comfortable environment. The event is well planned and a great experience for both the competitors and spectators.

Bristol Pole Championships

As a new competition, it has gained popularity very quickly and this is due to the efforts of the founders to make it accessible to all and also benefits local studios and businesses in Bristol. The competition is very well run, friendly and everyone involved goes above and beyond to make the entrants feel secure and comfortable throughout every stage of the process.

Heir to the Chrome

The competition is a fun and well run event and a chance for competitors to really express themselves on stage.

Miss Pole Dance UK

Miss Pole Dance is a highlight of the year for many pole dancers and a very professionally run event.

Special award: Unsung hero award

The winner of this award will be chosen by a panel of judges and not included in the public vote.

Lesley Jackson

Lesley has helped numerous people overcome body confidence, fear and self-confidence issues. She dedicates her life to helping others and is the ultimate example of best practice in the industry. The stories from her students indicate how valued she is and deserves to be recognised in the industry.

Lisa Byrne

For the last 7 years Lisa has been an inspiration to women from all walks of life. She has helped many people through her pole classes which have become as much about self-confidence, and self-love as they are about fitness. Two years ago Lisa faced many challenges but she remained strong for her students. She is a true survivor and and a true inspiration to all of her students. She is loved and respected by her students who would love to see her get some well deserved recognition for the fantastic job she does.

Emma Coffey

Emma is such an inspirational to her students and also a caring person who has always helped others strive and boost their confidence. Not only does Emma run several awesome classes but she is always coming up with new ways (in her own time) to teach something and arrange many workshops for her students. If that isn’t enough, Emma does so much charity work for Anthony Nolan. She has created a wonderful community/family for her students to be a part of.

Vania Noble

Vania’s enthusiasm for her students is never ending. She is encouraging and hard working. In the four years she has been running Pole Effect she has seen it grow and go from strength to strength. The pole family that Pole Effect has created is phenomenal! They are a community that helps each other gain strength as well as confidence. Vania works relentlessly, creating routines for each stage of her students pole ability and offering support along the way. She encourages her students to push themselves and inspires them to be as good as her. Pole Effect have recently started to sell clothing, and she will often put in an order for pleasers for her students. Nothing is too much trouble for her. She truly is amazing and lives for pole.

Cath Ballantyne

Cath has been a part of the start of so many people’s pole journeys. She works tirelessly to promote the industry and help students from all walks of life to achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, she has recently had to stop teaching pole, but is just as invested in the industry nonetheless, and her students believe her hard work should be recognised and rewarded.