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  /  Dan Rosen

Dan Rosen

Daniel Rosen is the very proud owner of IFA and has been turning himself upside down and spinning round a pole since 2008.

As the current holder of one international and 12 UK championship titles, Dan is a veritable fountain of pole-related knowledge. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about spins, tricks and getting flexible.

Dan also travels extensively, teaching workshops right across the UK. He is very well known for his friendly, easy-to-understand teaching techniques and is famous within the pole industry for his signature tricks masterclass.

Dan has no previous gymnastics, ballet or any kind of dance training and is living proof that you don’t have to be a gymnast to be a good pole dancer. Whether you’re looking to come to class simply for personal fitness or are more interested in competing and performing, Dan is the teacher for you!


All Sessions By Dan Rosen

Pole Workshop
Saturday 11th August 12:30-14:00
Workshop room 3
Pole at the Proms Show Compere
Saturday 11th August 18:30-20:30
Main Stage