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  /  Doris Arnold

Doris Arnold

A dancer of classical, modern, African, hip-hop and ballroom dancing, Doris Arnold has also evolved as a stripper in the middle of the night for 10 years. It was in 2008 that she discovered pole dance as an Art and discipline and began to teach it.

As one of the pioneers in France, she chose to devote herself entirely to her passion by creating the first studio, developing her own teaching methods in 2010, and traveling to various studios around the world to continue to train. Champion of France pole in 2013, but also vice-champion of Europe, and many times titled on the international scene, Doris Arnold was also finalist at the pole world championship in 2014.

She is known around the world for her incomparable style combining strength, fluidity and sensuality. Now, Doris Arnold no longer participates as a competitor but as a show girl, judge and guest performer in the midst of pole and exotic dance. In order to perfect her Art, Doris Arnold also got closer to other disciplines complementary to the pole dance technique such as circus arts (hoop, contortion, balance, acrobatics on the ground), fitness, contemporary dance. In 2015 she chose to open a brand new studio: the studio Fran├žoise which allows her to gather in one place all the disciplines she likes (pole, hoop, fitness, exotic dance, balance, contortion, etc …).

She surrounds herself with a team of experts in each field in order to best convey her passion. With her past as a stripper and her passion for the erotic arts, Doris Arnold favors fun, respect for the body, the development of self-confidence, sex appeal, respect for each other’s differences as the main educational tool. motivation, regardless of the sport taught. It is in this spirit that she created in 2017 “Atypical Athlete”: sessions of internships and professional training focused on various disciplines, fun and unusual in Europe. The goal is to propose a new approach to sport and the art of movement in which the effort is at the service of well-being, self-confidence and entertainment.

All Sessions By Doris Arnold

Pole Workshop
Saturday 11th August 15:30-17:00
Workshop Room 1