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5 ways to keep pole dancers busy during a pandemic

It’s pretty surreal times we are currently living in but we wanted to help make the best of the situation. So we’ve pulled together 5 ways to keep yourself physically and mentally active while in isolation.

Get stuck in to some at home training

With so much time at home, why not spend it upping your strength or flexibility game. There are plenty of exercise and yoga classes you could follow on YouTube or why not sign up to a pole specific programme.

The Online Portal was created to help pole dancers find easy to follow exercises that will help resolve your areas of weaknesses. The site is perfect for home training sessions and many of the exercises require little or no equipment.

Pole Strong was set up recently by Daisy Moore, a pole dancer of 7 years and ballet dancer for 20 years and trainers from AOD Fitness. They have combined their experience to create a training programme aimed at Pole Dancers.

Complete an Online Training Course

Spin City offer a range of instructor training courses including Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop, Stretching & Flexibility and Anatomy & Physiology courses. Why not use this time to complete that course you’ve always wanted to do or struggled to find the time to fit in.

Get stuck in to some geeky books

Here are some books to check out to list a few:

The Pole PT by Neola Kay Wilby

Advanced Stretching Technique by Bendy Kate

The Handstand Yogi The Hows Whys & WTFs of Being Upside Down by Ash Bond & Gabrielle Parker

Join a virtual online class

Lots of studios have moved their classes online. Many have also introduced online stretch and exercise classes that require no equipment for those who don’t have a pole at home. It makes sense to remain loyal to your usual pole studio so check out whether they are hosting online otherwise there are plenty of other fab instructors hosting classes; there‚Äôs sure to be a date and time to suit you. 

Take part in an Instagram challenge

Unsurprisingly there are so many challenges going around on social media at the moment. Probably because they’re a great way to do something silly and pass the time. A recent challenge directed at Pole Dancers came from @polelols where you would attempt to flip a toilet roll on your back by twerking. Or why not team up with members of your studio and join the ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge where pole dancers show their grand transformation from their lounge wear to their pole wear! Give it a try!

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