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Are you stuck in a pole progress rut?

Hands up if you feel your current routine needs a shake up? Are you feeling stagnated and that you’re just not getting anywhere in your usual classes? Progress happens at different rates for everyone (we’re all unique) but here’s some tips that might help if you’re in need of changing up your routine… 

Up your classes 

Going from one class a week to two classes a week can really make a difference. The key to progress is commitment. But be careful not to increase the intensity of your training too quickly to avoid overtraining. 

Set yourself a specific goal

Is there a specific move you want to achieve or maybe you want to work towards performing at your studio showcase or entering a competition? Setting yourself a specific goal can really help with motivation and give you something specific to work towards. But make sure it’s SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely).

Cross train 

This one is huge! I’ve heard numerous times from top athletes that cross training is key. There are various ways you can cross train so find something that excites you! Why not spend a few hours in the gym or attend another aerial class a week. If you’re struggling with a specific move on the pole you might find you’ll manage to master it if you work on building the muscles needed to perform that move off the pole.

Cross training also means you will focus on more muscles in the body rather than the same muscle groups you usually use in pole helping with any imbalances. It also adds a new challenge so puts extra strain on your body which in turn will build strength. 

Don’t skip those open training sessions 

Practice makes perfect. Open training sessions at your studio are a great way to keep working on perfecting those moves you’ve learnt in class and building your muscles 💪🏼. The beauty of training on your own time also means you can tailor your training. Why not throw a few extra conditioning exercises in that you’ve been struggling with in class? 

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone 

We’re creatures of habit so it’s so easy for us to fall in to a routine. Sometimes the only way to progress is to change things up! Maybe add an extra set of knee raises or aerial inverts to your conditioning or make a commitment to religiously train everything on both sides. 

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