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Benefits of Yin Yoga

During my travels I discovered the practice of Yin Yoga and how it could help pole dancers who rely heavily on flexibility, movement, and range of motion.

The practice involves holding asanas (postures) generally between 3-7 minutes to apply ‘healthy’ pressure on your joints and a gentle stretch to your connective tissue. Both contributes towards greater mobility.

Yin Yoga is the newest strand of yoga, first invented in the 1970s. It wasn’t intended as a complete practice, but to complement other Yang forms of exercise.

Yin is a slow and inward practice which uses meditative techniques such as deep breathing to calm the mind. Many therefore see many benefits both physically and mentally from this type of practice.

By relaxing the mind and body you will more easily stretch your connective tissue as you activate your parasympathetic system (rest and digest).

Studies have also proven the psychological benefits of Yin Yoga such as the ability to release emotions that are being stored up and creating tension in your body.

In addition to this, as we get older and generally move our bodies less our fascia stiffens up. It is said that by regularly practicing Yin Yoga you can literally slow down the ageing process by lubricating the fascia.

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