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Fascia: the new buzzword amongst movement experts

Fascia is the new buzzword amongst yogi’s and movement experts.

So, why are people so interested in it?

Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, explains that fascia is essential for movement. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all organs, muscles and nerves in the body. Your fascia is interwoven around all your muscles in the body which demonstrates how are bodies are interconnected which should be considered highly when looking at movement. 

“Fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together, the connective tissue network” – Tom Myers

Fascia plays an important role in your bodies ability to move and level of flexibility.

As an industry we are pretty well educated about how to elongate muscles and the importance of doing so to increase flexibility however less attention is often put on the fascia which is probably the least understood.

Yin Yoga is based on the principle that your fascia requires at least 120 seconds of continued pressure to exhibit change so the practice involves holding stretches for longer periods. Holding stretches for longer periods of time also means you can fully relax in to the stretch tapping in to your parasympathetic system.

Yin Yoga is practiced while your body is cold so you don’t require to warm up the body. You remain still in a stretch, breathing slow and deeply to calm the mind and body.

As well as Yin Yoga, why not try Myofascial Release. This is a specific technique that aims to workout, stretch and smooth your fascia so your body works at its optimum level. You can do this at home by using a tennis ball and your bodyweight to work the fascia.

Put down the foam roller and get out the tennis ball for a much deeper release and let us know how you get on!

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