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Alice Milner – Acroyoga

Do you struggle with picking up new pole tricks? Have to watch it about a hundred times before you can even begin to attempt it? Do you need to build your core strength? Improve your flexibility? Increase your body awareness? Would you also like to develop your communication skills and grow your ability to trust? Would you like to feel like your flying? Know that feeling you get when you nail that trick you’ve been working on for-EVER? and wanna feel that but more intense? Then join Alice’s “Build you Up Acroyoga session” at Pole World Festival.

“I just love going upside down! On a pole, on pretty much any aerial kit, on somebody else’s hands and feet – I’m not fussy! Acroyoga to me is the perfect antidote to our modern lifestyles. Move your body -it’ll thank you for it almost immediately! Engage positively with the people around you -in my classes I regularly see people lifted up not just physically but mentally and emotionally by the rest of the class. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see the many friendships that have developed in my classes. As humans we need the support of our community to thrive, as adults the opportunities to play seem to evaporate but play brings us joy and it’s vital for problem solving, creativity and relationships.” (From Alice)

In this workshop we will work on..

Quality of Movement

The importance of tempo

How to improve Range of Motion

Refinement of Comfort, ergonomics and flow

Adaptations and modifications for different body types

First Principles explained and explored

Expansion of all the possibilities

Having a good time

Spotting Techniques

Safe practices