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Rethinking Stripper-style Choreography (Distortion) with Anna Frost

Distortion is a mixed level workshop based around the different styles of sexy pole available to us, and how one movement can be presented in variety of different ways. We will be looking at imaginative ways to create your own choreography using moves you already know, alongside techniques to make those fit a stripper-style aesthetic so that your sensuality isn’t limited to just the floor. After creating and sexifying some pole work of your own, Anna will teach you a new routine in two different styles to show you how slight changes in speed and intent can completely transform choreography. This workshop is designed to not only alleviate any pressure you may feel with trying to keep tricks in a routine consistently on theme, but also to help you explore different types of exotic pole to find what suits you, your personality, and your style. Heels and knee pads are highly recommended, but not necessary.


Level/Pre-requisites: Level is mixed as choreography is tailored to your abilities, however previous experience of dancing in heels is recommended.