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Flexy Flow with Anna McDonnell

In this workshop, you will explore some Anna’s favourite flexible moves and combos on the spinning pole and focus on smooth and seamless transitions between these moves. You will learn a short routine, including flex combos and a floor flow, which you will perform in groups at the end of the workshop. The aim of this masterclass is to improve musicality, gracefulness, fluidity, perfect your lines, honing in on all those in-between moves that we often neglect. She will also be giving you some tips on improving leg and back flexibility for pole moves. She actively encourages creativity and together you will explore different pathways in movement and innovative ways of getting into and coming out of moves we learn in class.


Level/Pre-requisites: To get the most out of this workshop, you will need to have experience on the spinning pole. Ideally, you will be able to invert comfortably on both sides on the spinning pole and be able to hold basic moves such as a butterfly and hello boys.