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Injury Prevention Seminar with Kassia Portas

Pole Dancing is a high-risk sport. Mainly because our injury and anatomy knowledge as an industry, and as a population, is low, plus we do some crazy stuff with our bodies! We don’t get taught about injuries when we step in to a beginner’s class and there is minimal training available for instructors. No prehab recommendations or warnings of what a ‘bad pain’ feels like. It’s not until we are either lucky enough to have a knowledgeable instructor or we teach ourselves, but sometimes it can be too late. So, lets get learning and start amending our behaviour.

In this seminar Kassia will talk through common injuries that may be caused by Pole Dancing and how we can reduce the risk factors involved with each injury. We will look at what we can change in our daily lives and our training regimes.

Some example of topics will be: Ideal warm ups, how posture is stopping your mobility, how to make hyper mobility safer and common upper and lower extremity injuries. But please feel free to come with your own topics and questions!