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Spins, Spin Combo’s & Spinverts with Sally-Ann Giles

What Sally-ann loves most about pole is the choreography and spins so this workshop will be about spins/spin combos and spinverts (Sally-ann’s take on spins into inverts). Spins can be a major building block for building strength in your grip and your shoulders to help hold your body in a position while it is spinning. Sally-ann will teach you how to use the power of your body to make your spins fly. She will teach you how to combine basic spins together to make them look like super-duper spins and for the more advanced in the group, Sally-ann will teach spins into inverts.

This workshop is open to all levels as Sally-ann will do regressions and progression moves so she will give harder combo’s for the more advanced students.

Sally-ann teaches a lot of material within one workshop so photography, video taking and notes are highly recommended.


Level: Open to all except total beginners.