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Pole Dance: A 21st Century Movement

Firstly, let’s start with why I call it a movement rather than just a sport or an art form. To me, it is both of those things and so much more…

If you ask someone who pole dances why they do it, some may say “to keep fit”, others may say “for a bit of fun”, but the most likely response you will hear is that they do it because of the community you become a part of and the way it makes them feel. This is the overwhelming response I hear and fitness benefits become secondary.

If you observe a pole dance class, you will see an amazing display of camaraderie and women supporting other woman in a way that is setting the tone for female empowerment.

I started pole dancing 7 years ago and over this time I have seen the popularity of pole grow exponentially and attitudes towards pole dancing evolving. I have seen pole dance studios pop up all across the country and pole events now taking place on almost every weekend of the year.

So why is it booming?

As touched on above, more and more people are talking about the impact pole dance has on their mental health and lives as a whole. Most prominently, I hear countless times the sense of belonging that comes from being part of such a supportive and well connected community.

Research is currently being undertaken to prove and publish the mental and physical benefits of pole dancing; which I hope to be able to share with you soon!

Pole is undeniably great for your body too. Doctors and physiotherapists are starting to promote the plethora of benefits that pole dance has on the body due to the enhanced muscle tone, mobility and posture.

The pole dance community is well connected globally so it is easy to see that this movement is booming across the world and if I was to guess; this is just the beginning!

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