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University championships represents the boom of pole dancing

In my last blog, I talked about pole dance as a movement and the boom we have seen over the last decade. Recently I have been thinking about how well this can be seen by looking at the competitive university scene.

So I thought I’d share with you…

In 2009, 9 universities competed in what was the only university level competition in the country. By 2014, the number of universities wanting to compete had doubled and the competition was oversubscribed with universities on the waiting list to take part.

Pole clubs and societies were being set up in universities across the country at an incredible pace. We knew we needed more chances for students to compete.

In 2015, the first regional event was set up in the South West.

This then led to the development of a national championships league with regional qualifying events. The championships allows ten universities to compete in each of the four regional qualifiers for the chance to go through to the national final.

All of this was set up to accommodate for the vast growth of societies and students wanting to compete.

Now, in 2019, there are over 300 competitors from 40 universities taking part in the Inter-University Pole Dance Championships (IUPDC).

The National University Pole Association (NUPA), which was set up to oversee the championships, are constantly looking in to how to accommodate for the ever growing demand as even more societies enter the scene.

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