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Weak hand grip getting you down?

It can be really frustrating when you know you are capable of performing a move but your hand grip is holding you back. There could be multiple factors for why your grip strength might be lacking. So I’ve explained the symptoms I most commonly see in pole dancers.

  1. Poor shoulder engagement

So, this may at first seem unconnected to hand grip, but it’s the most common cause I’ve found for why beginners struggle to grip to the pole. If you are not properly engaging the shoulder muscles, especially in your top arm, in a pole spin for example, it will be difficult to hold your body weight up.

Top tip: Make sure your top arm is reached high up the pole and your shoulder is in a neutral position, not up towards your ear and not pulled too far down as you may be overusing your lats. Practice makes perfect!

2. Weakness in hands or forearms

Your hands and forearms don’t gain muscle mass the same way other parts of your body do so are often an area of weakness especially with the increase in laptop and mobile phone use leading to overuse and strain. What might come as a surprise, is that your thumb strength is commonly the biggest limiting factor in your hands.

Top tip: try out these exercises: Click here.

3. Repetitive trauma

Have you noticed your hand grip strength decreasing? This may be due to overuse of your hands which could cause damage to the nerves.

Top tip: try not to over train the same move to avoid repetitive strain injury!

4. Mindset

When you feel your hands are sweaty you may be making the assumption you are going to slip so your brain allows this to happen. It’s the same as the pinchy pain you get when you first start learning a basic seat on the pole. As soon as your brain feels pain it will automatically want to let go until you train it otherwise. Pain and sweating doesn’t just mysteriously disappear!

Top tip: try not to use too much grip aids in your classes so you don’t become reliant on them. You may find you are just using it as more of a mental thing.

5. Fatigue

It could be as simple as being tired and therefore your muscles aren’t working to their full potential.

Top tip: listen to your body and take it easy if you are fatigued to avoid injury.

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